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Greece and Italy may share the same Mediterranean sensibilities and a lot of the same base ingredients, but Athens has never really mastered the art of pizza. Neapolitan pizza, in particular, is even harder to come by, as its short ingredient list makes it very easy to prepare and therefore even easier to mess up. That’s where Cupola comes in, a trattoria with a wood-fired oven and just the right amount of Neapolitan swagger.

精致的内饰反映了美食的真实性,在这里,圣马尔萨诺番茄和莫萨里拉奶酪是至高无上的。希腊-意大利厨师Stefano Rossi在幕后创造了奇迹,他创作了酥脆的烤焦了的披萨,还有美味的自制意大利面食fresca和精心烤制的肉,在第一口咬完之后,你会大喊“Ayuto!”。

The pared-back interiors are a reflection of the cuisine’s authenticity, where San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella di Bufala reign supreme. Greek-Italian chef Stefano Rossi works miracles behind the scenes, serving crispy clouds of perfectly charred pizza, along with a delicious arsenal of homemade pasta fresca and carefully grilled meats that will have you yelling “Ayuto!” after the first bite.

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The man can’t help himself: slow-cooked bollito, juicy mozzarella Burrata with pancetta chips and deconstructed tiramisu are only some of the dishes that parade through Cupola on a daily basis, putting Rossi’s Greek half to shame. Customers are encouraged to accompany their new love affair with Italian cuisine with a well-curated wine list, including Greek and Italian favorites, or a fizzy prosecco cocktail, that will provide the perfect punch line to the perfect evening. Bottoms up!

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Zi Dong Cao Gao 88 - 在希腊享受一餐纯正的意式美味
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