twister Long Juan Feng Fu Zhuang Dian - Twister,龙卷风服装店
这是42 Architects为Topshop伦敦总店发布会所作的空间布置。工程非常急迫,从概念到完成,只用了3星期时间。



42 Architects是2009由Johan Berglund 成立在英国伦敦的年轻事务所,在瑞士,英国,中东等多国拥有项目。Johan Berglund是英国伦敦UCL2005年最佳毕业生,得到多个奖项,作品多次被展出及出版。关于他们的更多信息请参见下方英文。

非常感谢设计方42 Architects将项目介绍和项目图片授权JoyLink 竣麟发行。

twister Long Juan Feng Fu Zhuang Dian 1 - Twister,龙卷风服装店
TWISTER – Topshop Press Day Installation, London

4 2 a r c h i t e c t s


Johan Berglund of London-based 42 architects have designed a spatial installation for Topshop’s

AW 11 press event in London, UK, working to an very tight timeframe of only three weeks from

concept to completion.

Twister proposes a spatial configuration built of swirls, swooshes, vortexes and eddys –

manifested as a system of hand formed black PVC coated tubes onto which garments can be

hung. Visitors are invited to follow the structure as it winds through the room, while encountering

concentrations of displayed garments along the way. The black tube also acts to bind the various

collections together into one thematic whole. Around the structure sits a second layer of smaller

white structures; benches and tables that hold shoes, accessories and makeup displays, as well

as acting as seats for visitors.

Twister continues themes currently being in our studio. We take a great interest in the

relationship between the body and space, with architecture acting as a mediator that can provoke

and promote very specific types of uses and movement patterns.

twister Long Juan Feng Fu Zhuang Dian 2 - Twister,龙卷风服装店

42 is a young architecture and design studio based in London, UK, established by Johan

Berglund in 2009. As a practice we are driven by the belief that architecture can enhance our

society through excellence in design, coupled with contextual sensibility and a strong

understanding of the social, cultural and environmental needs of our times.

The architectural output is driven by inventive ideas and strong concepts. We have established a

thorough research methodology within the office, which means that we are able to deal with most

types of projects and contexts without a pre-determined style. We enjoy grand ideas and bold

concepts, but we also value the small scale and the intricate, and put great emphasis on

achieving high quality detailing, atmosphere and materiality, regardless of the size of project and

budget. We are often part of projects from an early stage, where our competence and skills can

be used to help define the scope and brief of the project, assist with locating suitable sites for the

project, as well as help secure funding from public and corporate bodies.We undertake work in

sectors such as Arts and Culture, Commercial, Sports & Leisure, Residential and Public projects.

Our experience extends from one-off, carefully crafted interior fit-outs to large public buildings

and landscape projects in Sweden, UK and the middle east.

twister Long Juan Feng Fu Zhuang Dian 3 - Twister,龙卷风服装店

Johan graduated as the highest achieving Diploma student of his year at the Bartlett School of

Architecture, UCL in 2005. His diploma project won great acclaim both within and outside the Bartlett, winning the UCL Sir Bannister Fletcher Medal for the highest grade in diploma, as well as winning a commendation for the RIBA Silver Medal awards along with the iGuzzini and SOM travel awards. His work has been published and exhibited internationally. Johan has since graduating acquired extensive experience from large public projects in Sweden, the UK and the Middle East. Before he started 42 he was an Associate at MYAA architects where he was project architect for several key projects. He is used to working with large consultant teams, as well as having experience of working with some of the leading consultants in the industry.

Johan is also running the highly successful BSc Unit 8 at the Bartlett School of Architecture, and was previously an Associate Lecturer at Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London. By keeping close ties with these schools the intellectual conversation within the office is kept fresh and experimental, which is reflected in the design output of the practice.

twister Long Juan Feng Fu Zhuang Dian 4 - Twister,龙卷风服装店
twister Long Juan Feng Fu Zhuang Dian 5 - Twister,龙卷风服装店
twister Long Juan Feng Fu Zhuang Dian 6 - Twister,龙卷风服装店


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