studio on number 17 - Studio on number 17
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studio on number 17 1 - Studio on number 17
Building a place for oneself is an opportunity with its own risks and difficulties. I chose a place in

one of Granada’s earliest areas, the neighborhood of El Realejo enar Campo del Príncipe, on a

site favored by views of the west side of the Alhambra, presided over by the Manuel de Falla

Auditorium and the country house and garden of the Martyrs. Further back, behind the cedars,

chestnuts, magnolias and palm trees in the gardens of the little hotels in Belén stands the Sierra

Nevada mountain range. This lot would have been rejected by many because its tiny size

precludes a conventional distribution. Only 3.60 meters deep and ten meters wide, this work is an

exercise in minimums, a laboratory of light and construction intended for living.

The program is as exceptional as this tiny lot on Belén street. It is adapted to stack work areas

and a living space for a single person without renouncing quality and spatial wealth. And it does

so with very straightforward means, such as the manipulation of natural light, varying heights

indoors to compensate for the narrowness of the rooms, and of course, an absolute minimum of

compartmentalization. Thus, the stairs and service areas are at the ends, leaving the central

spaces free.

Precision calls for solving problems by minimizing them, that is, with the smallest possible outlay

to meet technical and functional requirements. These considerations underlie the project, which

is conceived as a section of the wall that historically separated the city from outlying farmland.

And that is how the project was approached: a wall pierced with narrow, regular openings and a

single opening on the upper part. Like a traditional Granada house, it is closed to the street,

open to the sky and garden.


Studio on number 17, Belén street, Granada


Elisa Valero Ramos


Elisa Valero Ramos

building surveyor

María de los Llanos Martín Romero

collaborating architect

Leonardo Tapiz Buzarra


Botarel Obras S.A.


belén street, 17 granada

project / work

january 2009 / december 2009

constructed surface

198,60 m2


Fernando Alda , more photos

studio on number 17 2 - Studio on number 17
这是建筑师Elisa Valero Ramos为自己设计的工作和生活空间。往往为自己设计空间更困难以及更有挑战性。建筑师将地点选择在Granada老区,临近教堂,墓园,别墅区,放眼能看见花园中的雪松,栗树,木兰以及远处的内华达山脉。场地非常小,3.6乘以10米,这是一项挑战光线运用的工作。



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