Zi Dong Cao Gao 193 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
facade from pedestrian bridge 从人行天桥看


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Zi Dong Cao Gao 194 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
facade from park side 从公园看

Located in southern Osaka, the site for this house is located on the intact slope of an old hillock,

facing a prefectural road built some 40 years ago that cuts through it.

The site, which features a sloping embankment to the south, commands a clear, unbroken view of

a row of cherry trees on the other side of the road. It also boasts a superb view of a beautiful

plum grove located just above these cherry trees. We embarked on the design for this house in

an attempt to take full advantage of this picturesque view.

Zi Dong Cao Gao 195 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
facade on approach side 外立面

The building consists of a two-layered structure leading from the road to the north, where the

approach to the house is located. Upon entering, the house takes on a triple-layered structure

and layout, inclusive of a basement level located on the south-facing side next to the slope. This

basement houses a bedroom, while the entrance hall, bathroom and Japanese-style guest room

are located on the first storey. The living room, which is the centerpiece of the house, is located

on the second floor along with the children’s room. Because this was a small house, the focus of

the design was on how we could ensure a continuous flow and sense of connection across these

three layers.

The basic structure of the house was built out of reinforced concrete. The only portion of the

building that featured wooden construction was the roof, which spanned a length of 5.3m. In light

of this, we decided to adopt a box-beam structure that was constructed out of right-angled

section components with a small diameter and plywood boards, rather than wide sectional beams.

Zi Dong Cao Gao 196 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
void with light 天光

In addition, slit-shaped skylights were installed in between the box beams in the ceiling, allowing

even, uniform light to illuminate the long expanse of the house that stretches from north to south.

The crevasse-shaped voids that connect the three levels of the house to each other, along with

the staircase that runs parallel to them, create a sense of flow and continuity across the entire

space, in addition to dispersing sunlight that enters from the overhead skylights all throughout

the house until the basement level.

Zi Dong Cao Gao 197 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
view from inside to park 看公园

House in Miyayamadai —– data

location : Osaka,Japan

use : house

client : couple+1child

architect : Shogo ARATANI Architect & Associates

consultant : S3 Associates Inc.

general contractor : Soken Co.Ltd.

structural system : reinforced concrete

site area : 159.84 m2

building area : 55.26 m2

total floor area : 116.69 m2

photo : Kaori Ichikawa

Zi Dong Cao Gao 198 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
view from 2nd floor to lower floor 从顶楼看地面层







Zi Dong Cao Gao 199 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
hall on 1st floor 地面层大厅

Zi Dong Cao Gao 200 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
view from terrace to dining kitchen 从阳台看厨房

Zi Dong Cao Gao 201 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
view from terrace to dining kitchen 从阳台看厨房

Zi Dong Cao Gao 202 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
view from dining kitchen to outside 从厨房看餐厅

Zi Dong Cao Gao 203 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
view from room to outside 从卧室朝外看

Zi Dong Cao Gao 204 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
stairs with basement floor 地下室楼梯口

Zi Dong Cao Gao 205 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
Zi Dong Cao Gao 206 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
Zi Dong Cao Gao 207 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然
Zi Dong Cao Gao 208 - 守候在风景的一角,静谧的享受阳光与自然


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