Ma De Li Gong Ye Yuan Qu Biao Zhi Wu - 马德里工业园区标志物
非常感谢设计方Brut Deluxe Architecture + Design将项目介绍和项目图片授权JoyLink 竣麟发行。Ma De Li Gong Ye Yuan Qu Biao Zhi Wu 1 - 马德里工业园区标志物

Sign system for industrial parks totem de/dos, Madrid

The sign system for industrial parks totem de/dos has been conceived in order to guide visitors

who are not familiar with the site visually to their destiny in clear and evident way. Therefore, the

system employs two types of posts. The objective of the design of the first is to give a

recognizable and distinctive image to all industrial parks of the city, to visualize and identify them

from long distance and any angle of approximation and mark the main accesses. Once located

the industrial district, the posts facilitate more detailed graphic information – a map of the area

and business listings of all companies. This information is repeated on the smaller sized

secondary posts located strategically in the interior of each industrial park.

The structure is composed of galvanized metal profiles. The cladding is entirely of white coloured

40 mm thick cellular polycarbonate plates fixed on the perimeter with white coloured aluminium

profiles corresponding to the respective panel system. The exterior plane of the primary structure

and the interior plane of the polycarbonate cladding are separated 60 mm in order to locate led

stripes in the interstitial space and achieve a homogenous illumination on the interior. The two

inferior modules of all posts is realised in security glass to offer a greater resistance against

vandalism. Printed vinyls with the graphic information are fixed on the inner side of these glassed

modules. The roof is formed is realised also in horizontally laid security glass fixed punctually on

the secondary structure. In the interior of the structure a series of stairways are located

connecting different levels of galvanized metallic grids that give access to the installations and its

maintenance. Both posts are illuminated in its interior by white coloured LED stripes. The

illumination is activated simultaneously with the street lighting of the industrial district. A distinctive

colour of the lightning for each industrial park was proposed originally though finally all will be

illuminated in white. On top of the primary posts has been foreseen the optional installation of

photovoltaic panels without having been realised so far. All posts are equipped with graphic

information – a map of the district and a business listing.

In December 2010 the sign system has been installed in the first 3 industrials parks of Madrid

(Villaverde, Vallecas and Aguacate) with a total of 4 primary posts and 27 secondary posts.

Author: Brut Deluxe Architecture + Design

Project: 2009 / Construction: December 2010 (industrial districts Villaverde, Vallecas and Aguacate)

Client: City Council Madrid

Constructor: Disval S.A.

Photography: Miguel de Guzmán, estudio BD

Ma De Li Gong Ye Yuan Qu Biao Zhi Wu 2 - 马德里工业园区标志物



Ma De Li Gong Ye Yuan Qu Biao Zhi Wu 3 - 马德里工业园区标志物
Ma De Li Gong Ye Yuan Qu Biao Zhi Wu 4 - 马德里工业园区标志物
Ma De Li Gong Ye Yuan Qu Biao Zhi Wu 5 - 马德里工业园区标志物


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