Lin Shi Bo Wu Guan  temporary museum - 临时博物馆 Temporary Museum
非常感谢设计方Anne Holtrop将项目介绍和项目图片授权JoyLink 竣麟发行。

Lin Shi Bo Wu Guan  temporary museum 1 - 临时博物馆 Temporary Museum
Temporary Museum (Lake) is a curvaceous form set at the end of a meandering path in a nature

reserve north-west of Amsterdam. Like the ephemeral transitions of the autumnal season it

inhabits, the gallery, which opened on mid august 2010, had a lifespan of only six weeks.

Inspired by the automatic drawings of Dadaist Jean Arp – in which the hand is allowed to

move instinctively across the paper – Anne Holtrop began the work with sketches through which

he intended to use chance in a way to ‘discover form’. this led to a fluid organic outline that ‘hints

at the idea of a landscape element – the lake – but is not taken literally’. the resulting shape

generated a plan form, which was extruded upwards to create a single-storey enclosure, open to

the elements in parts. the structure uses a simple construction sheathed in untreated laminated

poplar. the Temporary Museum houses single works from four artists – Renie Spoelstra, Eva-

Fiore Kovacovsky, Driessen & Verstappen and Sjoerd Buisman – who variously interpreted the

landscape theme. the huge charcoal drawing by Spoelstra, for example, is specifically connected

to the structure and surroundings; the artwork’s size mirrors the opening opposite it, while its

content is an image of the scene viewed outside.

three further openings establish a relationship between inside and outside, framing the

artificial fabric-like folds of timber or the gentler rendering of nature itself. Described by Holtrop

as an ‘abstract nature’, the design is halfway between building and model. ‘there is never a point

in which you can consider the form in its entirety, either inside or out,’ says Holtrop, ‘so the

experience of the building is always relational, and not the experience of an absolute whole.’

text by Georgina Ward

Lin Shi Bo Wu Guan  temporary museum 2 - 临时博物馆 Temporary Museum
Credits and Data:

Project title: Temporary Museum (Lake)

Organization: Stichting Beeldende Kunst Manifestatie Heemskerk, part of exhibition Schone


Location: Kruisberg, Heemskerk, e Netherlands

Construction: 2010

Material: fully made in untreated poplar wood

Architect: Anne Holtrop

Project team: Anne Holtrop, Akira Negishi

Contractor: Art Assistance Amsterdam

Photography: Bas Princen

Shown together with works of Renie Spoelstra, Driessen & Verstappen, Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky and Sjoerd Buisman

Lin Shi Bo Wu Guan  temporary museum 3 - 临时博物馆 Temporary Museum
Anne Holtrop (b. 1977, the Netherlands) studied architecture at the Academy of Architecture in

Amsterdam from 1999 to 2005. After graduation, and still resident in Amsterdam, Holtrop set up

his own practice, being twice awarded grants from the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts,

Design and Architecture, known in the Netherlands as Fonds BKVB, as well as receiving the

Charlotte Köhler Prize for Architecture from the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation in 2008.

In 2009 he joined an artist in residence in Tokyo and in 2011 in Seoul. He is a visiting lecturer

and external critic at various art and architecture academies and is editor of OASE, an

independent architectural journal for architecture. His work has been exhibited in the Nouveau

Musée Nationale de Monaco (MC), Ludwig Forum Aachen (D), NAI Rotterdam (NL), Museum

De Paviljoens (NL) and Tokyo Wonder Site (JP).

Lin Shi Bo Wu Guan  temporary museum 4 - 临时博物馆 Temporary Museum


受达达主义的绘画启发,设计师Anne Holtrop创作出了这个有着液体般有机轮廓的景观



这里放置四位风格各异的艺术家作品。他们是Reniepoelstra, Eva-Fiore,Kovacovsky,

Driessen & Verstappen 和 Sjoerd Buisman。主入口放着poelstra的巨大木炭画,与环





Lin Shi Bo Wu Guan  temporary museum 5 - 临时博物馆 Temporary Museum
Lin Shi Bo Wu Guan  temporary museum 6 - 临时博物馆 Temporary Museum
Lin Shi Bo Wu Guan  temporary museum 7 - 临时博物馆 Temporary Museum
Lin Shi Bo Wu Guan  temporary museum 8 - 临时博物馆 Temporary Museum
Lin Shi Bo Wu Guan  temporary museum 9 - 临时博物馆 Temporary Museum
Lin Shi Bo Wu Guan  temporary museum 10 - 临时博物馆 Temporary Museum


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